Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jim Moran (LOC)

Crown Point Light House (LOC)

Four Martini anyone?

And so Flickr. I watched the Common Craft movie, it was fine.

I looked at the Library of Congress pictures. The accompanying comments were informative. However, I often wonder who are these people commenting and why should I believe they know what they are talking about.

Next I signed up for a Flickr account and put a couple of pictures from the Library of Congress archives on my blog. I am having a little trouble moving them around though.

Despite warnings that I may find myself almost irretrievably drawn into all of these resources, I have yet to tap into the addictive nature of this experience (other than a desire for an afternoon cocktail.) But I like the writing part of each exercise and am now reading a book I found at the Goodwill about writing-Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


No rants today. My son read what I had so far and asked if anybody ever knew what I was talking about. I weakly replied, well, yes, sometimes. So I'm back on the straight and narrow.

As for the third task. I enjoyed the Common Craft video. I signed up for a bloglines account and my son helped me add some feeds to my blog. However, when a co-worker asked for some help I couldn't quite remember what to do. So I had to have another lesson. I don't know why I needed the bloglines account. It seems like I could have found an interesting link and added it without that step. On to number four.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

two Are you wi' me or agin me?

I watched the Library 2.0 video of the guy with incredibly broad shoulders-Andre the Giant of the library world. I kept wondering-is that the couch behind him or his shoulders? Well they moved when he moved so I guess they belonged to him.

Stephen Abrams Vice-President of Innovations at SirsiDynix. Just that bit of information is dizzying. But what does SirsiDynix mean? I looked (online) for the basis of the name but couldn't find it, although I didn't throw myself into it. What I did see is that SirsiDynix is a gigantic technology company that specializes in products for libraries. It is a business.

Library 2.0? I guess I know what I'm supposed to say. This is an exciting time for libraries! Embrace technology! Get out of the road! But really many of the concepts seemed forced, like an abstract verbal shell game. I can be barraged by images and facts through the media and online at home, at work, and at school. To focus primarily on the electronic, the parade of ones and zeroes that have no real substance, could turn libraries into cold, empty, and antiquated shells. Instead, libraries should be safe and welcoming gathering places for people and ideas; physical places where imagination and opportunity meet refuge and reflection.

My co-worker told me she learned quite a bit through 23TOAS. And that she uses the knowledge she gained often both at work and at home so I should snap out of it and open my mind (I did enjoy what the Iceman Rick Anderson had to say). She would have commented but she forgot her password or username-too many to keep track of. Will I eventually see the errors of my ways? Only time will tell.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thing one May Vishnu strike Yahoo avatars dead (posting one and a half)

I tried to find an avatar on Yahoo and couldn't figure out how to customize my avatar. Now I'm going to read my book.

Ok now that is done. I finished my avatar and imported it. A co-worker told me I should read the all the information about this project and then I wouldn't find this so frustrating.

My pal (first posting)

About a week ago my pal said (in a slightly acidic tone) that sometimes I act like a damsel in distress. I told him he was sweet and thanks for watching out for me. However, this undertaking may truly solidify that mantle.

It has taken me about three hours to get this far and I had to go for a walk at hour two. I am approaching each exercise with grim determination. What is the point of blogs? Information repository? Creative outlet? Narcissistic device? My hope is that by the end of 23 TOAS I will have an answer.

Next I find an avatar. Nice word, I looked it up and its origin is Sanskrit.